Automation & Design
Automation & Design

RRMAE engineering’s cloud based database design and consulting service provide a flexible and scalable tool to help your needs with the lower cost for your projects

RRMAE Engineering provides process engineering design more focused in Biotechnology industries from upstream cell culture to downstream Purification. Additionally with your strategic business interest, we provide expert consultation services in support service areas and utilities.

We provide Distributive Automation control system design with your today’s need with advanced technologies that will carry into the future.

Whether you are looking to add new equipment, optimize an existing process, improve cleaning cycle or automate an existing manual process RRMAE Engineering team can provide a comprehensive range of services that will help you address those challenges. Here are some of the highlights:
process Automation using control system such as DeltaV , RS#, PLC, Biotage, SCADA, BMS and other distributive control systems
Software design, development and development with control logics
CIP ( Clean in Place) and SIP ( Steam In Place): Design and develop process and parameters